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Astrology Readings

Ask Madam Charlotte!
For extra intuitive work on a horoscope or question click Neptune to pay

then Email your question and birthdate.
Having an affair?
Ask a quickie question for $20 about your love life or mate.

Click Mars then Email your question.
I have been doing professional readings since 1992. I work intuitively and use Western and Chinese astrology for more accuracy.

You can pay over the Internet and receive a phone reading or email reading. If you're in New York City you can come see me in person. For a reading I will need your birth date, time, and place; each chart includes:
  • A consultation via phone or in person or email if preferred.
  • Hand written 5-10 page description on aspects of your reading
  • A printed Western Wheel chart.
Click the pay button for the reading of your choice below. Then EMAIL Charlotte your information for an appointment.

For people that have not had their chart done before. A thorough examination of the aspects and planet placements offering practical solutions on how to break habits that are no longer useful. Looks at current planetary relationships. (Takes up to 1.5 hours in phone or in person).

For people who know about their natal chart. A deeper look at the outer planets in aspect to a person's natal chart. Looking at how each aspect relationship has something useful. Good for your life direction. (Takes about 45 minutes on phone or in person).

A compatibility reading highlighting both the "easy" and "difficult" stuff between two charts. (includes some transit work, approximately 45 minutes on phone or in person)

Planning for the Future? When is a good time for risks, changes, new jobs, babies, weddings, etc.(30-60 minutes)

Payment is available via the Internet. Charlotte accepts Mastercard, Visa and PayPal.

Please email charlotte for a phone or in-person reading appointment.
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